Google Helpouts India - Invitation Code & Review

Google Helpouts - What Are They? 

When I heard about helpouts, I don't understand what helpouts are exactly. Google helpouts is helping the people to help each other.   For more read the official announce of helpouts on Google blog.

Invitation Code

If you are good at something and want to help ( for free or for a fee ) you need an invitation code. I also want to offer some helpouts. So, I requested for a code and I didn't received any for a few days. So I contacted support for help. They said, providing helpouts are limited to english speaking counries   U.S., Canada, Ireland, U.K., Australia and New Zealand. I am from India. So, there is no chance for me. Here is a snapshot of reply from Google Helpouts support!


I had a small trouble with my PC in the past. So, I asked for some help about that.  Graham Johnson was offered some great help and provided me some useful links to fix my problems. Thanks a lot for his help. If you have any problem with your PC, go for this helpout by him.

Here is a recorded video of that helpout session!

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