Face Reality & Travel In Time Now With Timep0rt!

Don't think that I am going to fool with some kind of trick, by the end of post you will know that you can actually travel in TIME with your smartphone!

In 1895 H. G. Wells wrote a science fiction novel The Time Machine! That simple volume was adopted (or inspired) in innumerable works including movies ( Back To The Future, Donnie Darko, Somewhere In Time, The Time Machine, 12 Monkeys, Somewhere In Time, Primer, The Butterfly Effect, Terminator, Looper, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, MIB 3, About Time, X-men ), lots of science fiction, and a lot of audio and video shows.

It was a science fiction till now. But right now, it's getting real due to timep0rt!

Watch the trailer for Timeport!

Timeport describes it as....

TIMEPORT (verb) - a phenomenon that opens a portal into the future at a specific time and place and lets you connect with the people in the future!

I don't want you to spoil your thrill by telling all the details. Just try time travel and don't get scared when some one from the past tries to connect with you!

Timeport is available for both iPhone beauties & Android beasts. Don't forget to subscribe at Timeport!

I just made this after getting thrilled by this timep0rt!

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