[Byobu] Terminal Multiplexer Never Felt This Good!

I spend lots and lots of time in terminal. Quickly I realised that one terminal is not sufficient to run multiple process. So, I started using multiple tabs just like browser. Soon I get lost in a bunch of tabs. In addition to that jumping to a specific tab required lot of key strokes.

Then I came across Terminator, which solved my problem to some extent. It is feature filled terminal based on genome-terminal. Major advantage of using this is, I can split a window, resize them and I can save the layout in my profile.

The problem comes when I ssh into remote machine. It is a GUI tool and I cannot use in a remote machine. So now if I need 5 terminals, I have to open 5 ssh connections which is pretty bad.

Then I came across Screen & Tmux which are more or less similar in terms of of what they offer. Using them I can ssh into remote machines & can have multiple shells inside of it. But here also I need a lot of keystrokes to jump from one terminal session to another.

Finally I came across BYOBU, a text-based window manager and terminal multiplexer. It just provides a lot of enhancements and intuitive keybindings for screen/tmux. Even if I am connected to several remote hosts, each having several sessions with several shells, I can jump from any shell to any other with just a few keystrokes.

Watch this cool video and you will never leave Byobu...

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