[Chrome] Quickly Adds Superpowers To Emails With Machine Learning!

No matter what your profession is, everyday You have to spend significant time to read emails and You might have to take some actions like adding a new task to Trello list, saving a bit of text to Evernote, moving attachments to Dropbox, adding an event to Calendar, adding labels to a Github issue and so on. For these You have to go to corresponding website, take some action and come back. It will be annoying if you have to do these a lot.

Quickly offers a productive solution for this. Based on the context of your email, it suggests some actions that you can take. With just one/few clicks, you can get a whole lot of work done. The interesting thing about Quickly, it has a brain of its own. Everytime You perform some actions, it learns about how you want to handle similar emails.

Kush, the founder of Quickly briefly explains about it in this video.

Quickly is in beta stage. Right now it is integrated with Trello, Google Calendar, Dropbox, Asana. A lot of others are yet to come.


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