If You Are Young And Nervous...

If you are young and nervous, don’t be.

I urge you to be curious.

Question society and what you are told. You don’t have to live the life that has been laid about before you. You don’t have to live the life your parents, grandparents, and great grandparents have lived.

Feed your potential by moving around, by stirring things up. I want to protect youth from false guilt that is projected onto them when deciding what path is their own. You don’t have to answer your neighbor when they condescendingly ask about your plans are after high school.

Breathe, collect your thoughts, try things, see what falls in your lap and recognize what feels true. What is time? It’s subjective. You are not the same. You are you.

Why are we told we must decide by a certain age? Pressured into decisions with their deadlines, we’re told we won’t be great if we don’t follow through into traditional schooling. Why are we conformed into school systems that control our minds for eight hours a day, telling us we must learn this way, speak this way, perform this way, obey until we graduate, and then live this way, retire, die?

The natural latter seems like death to creativity in so many of the young, leaving them silent and straight jacketed walking in a straight line to predictability. It’s always your choosing to decide whether you’ll live a curious life or a comfortable one.

Maybe I’m crazy for not following a path I know that would lead me to a stable life, maybe I’m crazy for following my passions. Maybe I won’t have a big yard or an abundance in my bank account, but I’ll have stories and a heart bigger than my body, a brain with stretch marks.

 I’ll have films and images, an archive of my life of adventure. My life of constant hunger for better understanding of Earth and my spirit within it.

There are always other options.

Challenge your comfort, let yourself unfold.

Source: The Wander Lust Child

I am Chillar Anand. I daydream a lot and write about the things that interest me here. You can read more about this blog here.

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