101 Great Honesty Jokes/Memes On Arvind Kejriwal

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 #YoKejriwalSoHonest that he was found standing on weighting machine naked for accurate measurement

#YoKejriwalSoHonest that every aam aadmi in the country knows his twitter password, email account password & bank account passwords

#YoKejriwalSoHonest that he ordered to arrest Napoleon as he found his dictionary had the word 'impossible'

#YoKejriwalSoHonest that he is not consulting a doctor for his cough as he has not received his 1st salary as CM!!

#YoKejriwalSoHonest he goes to office to use the bathroom after 700 ltrs have been consumed at his residence

#YoKejriwalSoHonest that whenever he downloads a movie online, he buys a ticket to see it

#YoKejriwalSoHonest he likes Shakira's hips. Because they don't lie.

#YoKejriwalSoHonest Rihanna is in love with kejri...as she "Loves the way he lies...."

#YoKejriwalSoHonest that he has to wear old tattered & torn shirts to buy a blackberry!

कहाँ जा रहा है बेटा?माँ, गंगा स्नान कर पवित्र होने..बेटा इतनी दूर कहाँ जाएगा, AAP का सदस्य बन यहीं पवित्र हो ले....#YoKejriwalSoHonest

#YoKejriwalSoHonest he stopped being friends with Johnny because he ate sugar and lied to his dad about it.

#YoKejriwalSoHonest that he refused to marry Indian girls coz he had pledged in scl days tht all Indians r my brothers&sisters

#YoKejriwalSoHonest that he uninstalled free anti virus in his new laptop because he needs no security.

#YoKejriwalSoHonest He sent his 4gb memory card to jail because it got corrupted.

#YoKejriwalSoHonest AAP goes Global. Next will contest election in Afghanistan with Talibans as alliance Partner

There's something common between Salman Khan's virginity, Sonia Gandhi's poverty ,Rahul Gandhi's intelligence and #YoKejriwalSoHonest

#YoKejriwalSoHonest  He asks for receipt when he Puts money on Pujari's Aarti Plate in a Temple

#YoKejriwalSoHonestदेश में सादगी का ड्रामा चल रहा है #NaMoInGoa

#YoKejriwalSoHonest केजरीवाल जी इतने ईमानदार हैं कि उनके देरी से घर आने पर आलोक नाथ भी नहीं पूछते कि बेटा इतनी देर कहां रह गए थे।

#YoKejriwalSoHonest He even pays for 'regular' water and finger bowl.

#YoKejriwalSoHonest that he reads the entire terms and conditions of a software agreement before accepting it!

#YoKejriwalSoHonest aks the begger how much he needs before giving him money.

#YoKejriwalSoHonest he never uses torrents.

#YoKejriwalSoHonest  that even Alok Nath takes aashirwaad from him

#YoKejriwalSoHonest that he counts the # of chips in his chips packet and returns the extra chips!!

 #YoKejriwalSoHonest ki wo apni biwi ko bargaining b nahi karne dete .

So too many tweets on #YoKejriwalSoHonest  Ghaziabad Police decides to provide him with Z security from tomorrow.

#YoKejriwalSoHonest that he did not bunk his class during his college days.....

#YoKejriwalSoHonest that while playing HIDE & SEEK, he never opens his eyes while counting 1 to 50.

#YoKejriwalSoHonest AAP website is so transparent, u cant see the expenses and sources of their SUVs taken to Amethi

#YoKejriwalSoHonest that witnesses before testifying in the court would place their hand on Kejriwal's photo instead of the Bhagvad Gita 😜

#YoKejriwalSoHonest  टॉयलेट में पेपर के जगह अपना रुमाल ही यूज करते होंगे  :p

#YoKejriwalSohonest He pronounces the H in Honest

#YoKejriwalSoHonest राहुल गाँधी जनता को गरीब रख कर राजीव/इंदिरा/जवाहर योजना के तहत सरकारी खज़ाना लुटाना चाहता है और मोदीजी कमाने की ताकत

#YoKejriwalSoHonest when he calls every honest person to join his party his wife does not joins it to the date

 #YoKejriwalSoHonest he counted the number of jokes and found they are less than 101!