The Mysterious Wall - Best Zen Story By Osho!

Osho is a great story teller. Whether he is writing a book, preaching his students, giving speeches, he tells interesting short stories. I have read a lot of them from his books. This is one of my favorite stories.

Osho I used present tense above because Osho believes that he is 'Never Born, Never Died. Only Visited this Planet Earth.'

The Mysterious Wall!

There was an ancient mysterious wall which stood at the edge of a village, and whenever anyone climbed the wall to look onto the other side, instead of coming back he or she smiled and would jump to the other side, never to return. 

The inhabitants of the village became curious as to what could draw these people to the other side of the wall. After all, their village had all the necessities of living a comfortable life.They made an arrangement to where they would tie a person's feet, so that when he or she looked over and wished to jump, they could be pulled back.

The next time someone tried to climb the wall to see what was on the other side, they chained her feet so that she could not go over. She looked on the other side and was delighted at what she saw, and smiled.Those standing below grew curious to question her and pulled her back, but to their great disappointment she had lost the power of speech.

"Those who have Seen cannot say. That which has been Seen cannot be painted, cannot bereduced to words. But still each one has to give a try - and the world goes on becoming more and more beautiful because of these efforts."