How To Add Pypi Pins/Badges To Github Readme Page!

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If you are writing a python package or if you have already written one, it would be nice to show PyPi badges on Github Readme page.

PyPi Shields makes it super easy to add pins/shields to your GitHub repo, documentation or website. There are various shields like package downloads, version, egg and wheel distributions and license.

Lets say you want to add your version number to your github page. You can get badge at<PYPI_PKG_NAME>/badge.svg 
If your readme is in markdown format you can add it as

[![Latest Version](<PYPI_PKG_NAME>/badge.svg)](<PYPI_PKG_NAME>/)

or if you are using srt format, you can use this

If your readme is in markdown format you can add it as

.. image::<PYPI_PKG_NAME>/badge.svg


    :alt: Latest Version

In addition to version badges, you get the following badges.

Python Versions:<PYPI_PKG_NAME>/badge.svg
Python Implementations:<PYPI_PKG_NAME>/badge.svg
Development Status:<PYPI_PKG_NAME>/badge.svg

Here is a screenshot of PyPi badges added to one of my Python Package on Github.

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