Easily Manage Hundreds Of Chrome Extensions!

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If You are using Chrome, You might have installed a few Chrome extensions. Some people might have a lot of extensions based on their needs. Right now I have 82 extensions + 29 appsĀ installed in my browser. It is very hard to manage all those extensions.

If You have low memory, then Chrome starts hogging memory due to lots of extensions. So it is a good idea to disable all unused plugins and enable them whenever required. To enable a disabled extension, You have to go to Settings ->Extensions or you have to type the url chrome://extensions

To solve these problems, there are a couple of extensions which makes managing chrome extensions.

1. Simple Ext Manager:

This extension allows You to enable/disable, access options, uninstall all the extensions from any tab. By default it shows all extensions and it has a search bar which allows to filter extensions/apps if You have too many. You can also create groups to group extensions based on usage. It has a very simple UI and good at what it does.

2. Extensions Manger:

It does all the this that Simple Ext Manager does. It also has separate views for apps, extensions, enabled/disabled items, recent items. It also has a few more options than the previous extensions.

Using any one of above plugins managing plugins becomes a lot easier!


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