[Python] Converting String Type Objects To Correct Types!

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I was writing custom template tags for one of my Django package. I came across a situation where I had lists in string format. I need to convert them into lists.
temp_str = '[345, 3, 456, 45]'
required_obj = [345, 3, 456, 45]
There are two methods to get this job done.

1. ast.literal_eval:

This can be used to evaluate  strings containing Python values from untrusted sources without parsing values.
import ast

2. json.loads:

This is used to deserialize a string to python object using a conversion table.
import json
These two functions come in handy whenever you want to convert a list of python objects to their correct types. For example, if you have list of python objects like this
obj_list =  ['hello', '3', '3.64', '-1']
You can convert them to their corresponding types using these functions.
def converter(l):
for i in l:
yield json.loads(i)
except ValueError:
yield i
def converter(l):
for i in l:
yield ast.literal_eval(i)
except ValueError:
yield i
They yield a objects of corresponding types
new_obj_list = ['hello', 3, 3.64, -1]
References: Python Docs, Stackoverflow
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