Book Review - A Psycho Path By Haris Ibrahim K. V.

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I stumbled on haris blog and I am thrilled to find that he wrote a book called A Psycho Path. Since ebook was free, I downloaded it and started reading.
I skipped ForewardPreface and skimmed through the first story Etsuko’s picnic.
The second story in the book is A surprising blood test. The story is quite impressive and it hooked me in. Before that story I was lying on the bed and reading. After reading it I got up, sat properly and started reading. Among all the stories, I liked it the most.
Sound relations is another article which I found very fascinating. I read the article many times... 10 times? 20 times? may be more. Long before reading the book, me & my friends had a similar discussion while discussing about impact of music. This article gave an interesting conclusion to our discussion.
Narration of Quito San is interesting.
The book has ~20 stories/articles. Most stories are short stories(2-4 pages). The Prophecy of Amelyah and Quito San are medium sized stories(~20 pages).
Overall the book is very good.
I got a print book after reading ebook. I would recommend getting a get print book from Pothi or Amazon. You can also download free ebook here.
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