Why I Use CyanogenMod?

When listening to music, to switch tracks I want to use volume buttons. For this I have to use Pocket Skip Track app. CyanogenMod has inbuilt support for that.

To interact with mobile from computer over wifi, wifi adb is required. CyanogenMod provides an option to enable this in Developer Options.

To put mobile in recovery mode, Gravity Box is required. This should be used only after installing Xposed framework. CyanogenMod has Advanced reboot which provides option to put phone in recovery mode.

Battery icon in status bar is very small. Having a text percentage indicator will be more useful. For this battery percentage is required. CyanogenMod has inbuilt circle/text indicators.

Auto brighness stopped working after I have rooted Moto G4 plus. I had to use twilight for auto brighness adjustment. With CyanogenMod, it is working fine. It also has a night mode option.

With stock android, auto rotate won't work in all directions. Set orientation app is required for that. CyanogenMod has inbuilt support for that.

To adapt mobile display to the time of the day, flux app is required on stock android. CyanogenMod has inbuilt option for this.

To get superuser permissions, I have to root stock android. CyanogenMod comes with root permissions. To run adb as root on stock android, adbd insecure app is required. CyanogenMod works without it.

Stock android also doesn't provide any options to customize status bar. CyanogenMod has several options to customize it.

There are several other things where CyanogenMod excels when compared to stock android like themes, privacy guard e.t.c. However, CyanogenMod comes with a lot of inbuilt features(batteries included) and that is the main reason for me to use it.