How BMTC Is Exploiting Crores From Bangalore Citizens?

BMTC (Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation) is a government agency which operates the public transport bus service in Bangalore, India. It holds monopoly as it is the only choice for public transportation.

Fare Calculation

BMTC considers ~2KM distance as a stage and the fares for each stage are as follows.

Let's say, you want to travel from Indira Nagar to BTM Layout, it will cover 5 stages. So, BMTC charges 19₹ for that.


If you travel from Indira Nagar KFC signal to Doopanahalli Arch(1.2KM), which comes under 1 stage, you have to pay 5₹. On the other hand, if you travel Indira Nagar KFC signal to Doopanahalli bustop(1.4KM), you have to pay 12₹.

How can BMTC charge 5₹ for the first 1.2KM and 7₹ for the subsequent 0.2KM? If BMTC charges, 5₹ for 1st stage. Then it should charge 5₹ + extra for next stage. But it shouldn't be more than 10₹.

You can just take 1 ticket(5₹) for 1st stage(1.2KM) and one more ticket(5₹) for the next stage(0.2KM). You can just travel 2 stages with 2 tickets for 10₹.

Turnsout BMTC is charging 3₹ extra on every ticket which covers atleast 2 stages. As lakhs of people travel in BMTC buses daily, in a month, this 3₹ turns into crores of rupees.

I am not sure when BMTC has started charging like this. A month back, I sent them an email asking for an explaination of unfair bus tickets and they haven't replied yet.


After sending this to BMTC officials, they have reduced 2nd stage bus fare by 2 Rs. Thanks to Gopala Kallapura, Krace Kumar & Thegesh GN for supporting the issue.