Amazon India Artificial Intelligence (AIAI) Summit

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Today I have attended AIAI summit 2017 in Bangalore. Amazon started this summit to network with academia, industry data scientists and showcase amazon's work in machine learning.

There were 4 talks and 20 poster presentations. Most of them were scholars from IITB, IITM, IISC, IITH, one talk by CMU professor and remaining talks by Amazon.

Amazon team talked about the problems they are solving with machine learning like auto correcting address, suggesting right size for shoes/apparel, answering questions on products e.t.c.

People from academia talked about the research work they are doing and their results.

I have been working on Telugu OCR in the past few months. There were 3 poster presentations regarding indic languages. Even though a lot of papers were published in the past, there is no end-to-end OCR with good accuracy (>98%) for Indic languages. It is good to see Indic languages getting traction in deep learning.

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