Rubik Cube Mosaic of Jr. NTR

Making of Rubik Cube Mosaic of Tarak Anna...

Cubes Collection

After Covid, importing of cubes in bulk has become a big problem. However there were few suppliers who had old stock. I have ordered 2 cartons of cubes. Each carton contains 360 cubes. A total of 720 cubes were delivered.

Rubik Cube Mosaic

I have made mosaic earlier but most of them were logos. This is first time I am attempting to make mosaic of a face. I have selected a smiling face of Jr. NTR, rasterized it and made it into small blocks so that a mosaic can be made.

It will take 40-80 hours for the entire mosiac to be done. Will keep you posted.

Jr. NTR Cube Mosaic

The mosaic is completed.

Here is the making Video.