Wipro Campus Placement - My Interview!

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It happened few months back in our Sri Venkateswara University College of Engineering!

First our placement officer R.V.S sent a notice about the campus placement! He arranged a session to get us prepared for campus placement. Students who have less than 2 backlogs were allowed to placement.

On the day, a few officials from Wipro came to our college. We all attended pre-placement talk in our formal dress. After the talk, they separated the students into two batches.

The first batch were the toppers who have more than 80% academic score. They don't have to take the written test and have to attend the interview directly.

I had around 78% score. So, I have to take the written test. Written test consisted of Aptitude questions and English vocabulary, passage writing. I was qualified in written test!


First round:

I entered into the cell greeted the interviewer. He asked me to sit down. He spoke politely and asked a few questions casually to make me comfortable.

Second round:

In this round, the interviewer asked me about the Android app I have developed. I told that it was very basic app and told him how I developed it. He spoke a lot about Andoid apps and asked me to participate in App contest help by Wipro.

That's it. My interview was completed. Later I went out for a walk!

On return one of my friend told me that I got selected!

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