How To Screencast Android Device Without Root?

Screencasting Android Device:

If You want to screencast something on Anroid device, its a lot of headache. There are a few apps on Play Store by which you can screencast. But a lot of them require rooting. But if Your phone/tablet is new or if You are afraid of bricking, You don't want to root the phone.

There are some procedures to screencast Android, but they require SDK. But You can also screencast without SDK also. This will be simplest way to screencast.

There are only two apps on play store which offer screencasting, without rooting and without SDK.

1. ASC Screen Recorder

2. Free Screen Recorder No Root

Lets look at both of them, which is easy to install and which is easy to use!

ASC Screen Recorder:

To use ASC Screen Recorder, You NEED a PC ( must be Windows or Mac, no activator for Linux/Ubuntu ).
  • Download app ( free or paid ) from Play Store.
  • Download Activator from here.
  • Install activator and start recording.
With free app, you can record unlimited videos but they are restricted to only 20 seconds.  

Free Screen Recorder No Root:

For Free Screen Recorder No Root, You can use any PC ( can be used with Ubuntu ).
  • Download app ( free or paid ) from Play Store.
  • Download Activator from here.
  • Install activator and start recording.
You can record unlimited  videos, but their logo will be displayed on the recorded video and framerate is only upto 4fps which is not good.

I have tested both the apps on My Samsung Core. Without root and without SDK, these are best and these are highly use for dummies!