Some Frequently Asked Questions About This Blog

Q: What is Avilpage?
A: Just an e-page to write my personal stuff.

Q: Why there are no comments on this blog?
A: Comments are a good way of interacting and there are many benefits with that but they take a lot of time and I will loose the focus on the topics, so I disabled comments on my blog.

Q: No sharing buttons?
A: I just removed them and I don't want them here. If you really liked an article, send a message or a mail to your friends about that. That will be great.

Q: No Ads?
A: Unlike my previous blogs, I am not placing any ads here. I am getting a bad feeling about the ads and soon I will remove the ads from my previous blogs also.

Q: No Search?
A: Yeah no. Lets say you want to search about "movies". You can go to List of Avil Pages, press "Ctrl + F" and search for movies. If You need a better search go to Google and search " movies"

Q: Why there is no subscribe button?
A: I don't want it to be there. I don't want a mail delivered to your inbox whenever I wrote some nonsense. When you have some free time, just check out here.

Q: I need to talk to you. How to contact you?
A: Ok, Lets Talk.

Q: Tech details of blog?
A: Domain registered with Godaddy and hosted on blogger platform. Using Simple Template.