BangPypers Dev Sprint!

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Here is the definition of sprint from Wikipedia:

On 3rd Saturday of every month there will be a meetup for Python developers in Bangalore(BangPypers) to have talks and workshops. This month instead of talks/workshops, a dev sprint was held. The basic idea was to encourage Python developers to contribute to any open source projects or work on their open source projects.

I was working on Nidaba, a project to extract information from StackOverflow dumps. I went to the meetup and gave a brief description about it. Several people were interested to work. I helped them a bit on getting started and the issues to solve. 

By the end of event, I got one pull request which fixed a typo in setup file. Few people helped in adding couple of utility functions for the project. A couple of them were interested to continue working on with it in the coming weekends. In the end PSSI sponsored T-shirt :) 

Here are a few snapshots of event.

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