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I have ebooks in various formats like pdf, epub, mobi e.t.c. If I want to read books in laptop, I could use ebook reader like Calibre which can open supports most of the formats.
If I have to read them on Kindle paperwhite, it becomes a problem as it supports only few formats. So whenever I get an ebook, I have to convert it to mobi format and send it to kindle.
I can connect kindle to laptop via USB cable and I can copy books. I can also send books to kindle via email.
I found an IFTTT recipe, to automate all this process. I just need to create a folder to store all the books in dropbox. Then use IFTTT recipe to link dropbox folder which has books and gmail to send books to kindle email.
Now when I move required books into dropbox folder in my laptop, they will automatically appear in my kinde.
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