Automate Boring Stuff - Accepting Waitlist RSVPs makes it easier to organize events. Before meetup you can specify how many people you can accomodate. Then you send mail to all people so that interested people can RSVP.
If RSVP is full, people can join waitlist. So if somebody changes RSVP to No, we can accomodate people in waitlist.
On the otherhand, if you find a place where you can accomodate more number than you have planned, you can accept all people in waitlist.
Unfortunately, there is no option in meetup for that. You have to accept people one by one which is a boring job if there are ~50 people in waitlist.
This where Python comes to rescue. Python has an excellent package called pyautogui which helps you to automate all boring tasks.
Here is the simple script I have used for this task.
import time

import pyautogui

print('Goto meetup event page and place cursor...')

x, y = pyautogui.position()

for i in range(100):, y)
The code is self explanatory. First we are importing pyautogui and then wait for 5 seconds so that we can go to meetup page and point mouse correctly. Get the cursor position and start clicking on that position with a gap of 5 seconds. This gap is needed as meetup shows a notification once you accept  RSVP.
Pyautogui is an interesting package which makes your boring job easier.
Just found that increasing Attendee limit auto changes RSVP of waitlist people to Yes.

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