Best Pay After Placement Courses In India


In India, huge number of students are graduating every year. Most of them are not able to get a job right after graduation. In order to get a job in IT industry, students need to have some technical skills.

There are thousands of institutes in India that are providing paid technical courses. Depending on the course, the fees can be anywhere between 5,000 to 5 lakhs. The percentage of students who are getting a job after doing these courses is extremely low. In addition to that quite a few students are not able to afford fees to join these courses.

Pay After Placement Courses

To combat this problem, some institutes are providing pay after placement(PAP) courses. In these courses, students will pay the fees only after getting a job with a desired package. This is a win-win situation for both the students and the institutes. This is a far better option than paying the fees upfront and not getting a job. These courses are also called as income share agreement(ISA) courses.

Here is a list of top pay after placement courses in India for front end developers, back end developers, full stack developers, data scientists, machine learning engineers, and data engineers.

Site-Rank Institute Fee(Approx INR)
134,988 Sharpener Tech 68,000
59,928 AccioJob 177,000
321,989 Placewit 0 (Upto 10L)
37,294 Masai School 350,000
1,482,058 Digikul 234,000
1,554,412 10xAcademy 295,000
295,708 Function Up 295,000
84,513 AlmaBetter Not known


Most of these courses have an entrance test that candidates have to clear before joining the course. However taking these courses is far better than paying the fees upfront and not getting a job. If you are interested in any of these courses, you can apply for the entrance test and join the course.