Hot Module Reload In Python With Reloadium


Hot module reloading is a feature that allows you to reload a module without restarting the whole application. This is very useful when we are developing/debugging an application, and we want to see the changes instantaneously.


Reloadium1 is an advanced hot reloading library for python.

Instead of writing an article, I thought it would be much easier to show a live demo of Reloadium. In the below video, we can see how reloadium greatly improves developer experience.

Currently, reloadium can be used as a standalone tool. We can install it from PyPi and run any arbitrary python script with reloadium.

$ pip install reloadium
$ reloadium run

Alternatively, it is available as a plugin for PyCharm as shown in the above video. VS Code support is also in the works.

Reloadium is capable of profiling too. Without writing a single line of code, we can profile Python code. But that's a topic for another article.


I have been using Reloadium from a few months, and it has become an essential part of my development workflow. These days I always run all the scripts or apps in debug mode with reloadium directly.